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A buddy touched my gf ass wanting to have sexual intercourse uninvited with us inside the sleep. I did not respond straight away. So what can i really do now? She blocked m

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React to Anonymous:

She consented to have sexual intercourse while a person you don’t actually understand was at the space, and today this woman is all hurt which you didnt react accordingly?

You don’t require this drama queen dictating the way you operate your daily life?

FWIW, i do believe your approach had been better. You don’t have to get involved with a brawl over that which was truly an unwise situation.

Morale associated with whole story- would not have intercourse in an area with other people until you xxxstreams cam are available at the very least to an invite.

ETA: He must not have moved her at all without authorization. A right is had by her to be upset at HIM.