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Acrotomophilia frequently fits in with human anatomy integrity identification condition, or BIID.

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Those who suffer with this disorder believe they’d be better down without their limbs, plus some individuals also think their human anatomy components aren’t unique!

10. Forniphilia

In contrast, forniphilia may possibly not be that weird. This fetish is about making use of a individual as an item of furniture. It would certainly play well with BDSM and might even look less ridiculous than Kim Kardashian’s similar photo shoot if you make your lover pose as a table for your wine glass for hours. Needless to say, it could be sexy become close enough to your lover to make use of them as a seat or even to mercilessly tease them without permitting them to break character.

Types of forniphilia consist of:

Serving being a base stool
Acting as dining table
Being candle that is human
Acting as a non-functioning lamp or …