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What Exactly Is A base Fetish & Just Why Is It So Popular? (+ 5 Fun Leg Foreplay A Few Ideas)

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Are you experiencing a complete blown foot fetish? Possibly base massage is the Achilles heel into the bed room. Uncover what a foot fetish is and just why it’s therefore popular!

Jan 04 4 min read

Are you experiencing the full blown foot fetish? Or simply interested in learning exactly just what it is exactly about?

Whatever your partiality to partialism (the intimate attraction to a particular human body component), there’s no pity! The attraction to feet dates straight right back hundreds of years and that can trigger new sexual joy and enjoyable for both you and your spouse.

In this essay we shall protect:

Prepared to tread into why is the foot so erotic and sexy? Let’s get!

What exactly is a Foot Fetish

Also known as podophilia, a base fetish is really an interest that is sexual attraction to legs. …