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Emotional Well-Being as a Predictor of Casual Sex Relationships and Experiences among Adolescents

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Active Study

The goals with this study had been to: 1) offer prevalence data on three temporal changes in engagement, entry into CSREs, extension of CSREs, and discontinuation of CSREs, in adolescence from a subsample of intimately active adolescents from a representative sample; 2) examine the prospective links between emotional well-being predictors (mental stress, self-esteem, suicidal ideation, regular use of liquor, and regular use of drugs) therefore the three temporal changes in engagement in CSREs while deciding two types of CSREs; and 3) investigate the moderating part of sex on these associations.

The hypotheses had been: 1) emotional stress shall raise the probability of engagement in FWB relationships/ONSs for both girls and boys. 2) Suicidal ideation shall increase the odds of engagement in FWB relationships/ONSs for girls. 3) regular use of both drugs and alcohol will raise the odds of engagement …