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For extra limitations on eligibility, see FSA’s system pages on direct running, direct ownership, and guaranteed farm loans.

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The Program in Action

Over past 75 years, FSA has provided over $60 billion in loan money to farmers through its direct loan system, and it has assured over $59 billion in additional loan money. As a whole, over 3.7 million loans were made to farmers and ranchers in every 50 states being outcome of federal FSA loan programs.

Here are a few samples of just exactly how farmers throughout the national nation used and benefitted from FSA farm loans:

Struggling to get funding through their bank, farmers in Minnesota utilized FSA Starting Farmer and Rancher Loans to shop for land and develop a barn having a root-storage center. The addition of the root-storage facility permitted them to grow product product sales to regional restaurants and universities throughout the wintertime whenever need because of these organizations is high and farm manufacturing …