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What Portion of Dating Profiles Are Fake? That fraud will come in numerous unsavory tastes

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If there’s something we understand, it is that fraudulence is available in numerous flavors that are unsavory. From acquisitions created using stolen bank cards to phishing schemes, fraudsters are often trying to find brand new and novel approaches to scamming victims.

Back October, we did a deep plunge into transactional fraudulence, sifting through Sift information to see which U.S. states had the greatest fraud prices , along with making a profile for the fraudiest individual in the us . Now, with Valentine’s Day approaching, we thought we’d focus on a various (but additionally painful) variety of fraudulence: fake pages on online dating sites.

The high price of love frauds

There are a selection of reasons some one might produce a fake profile on a dating website, through the inquisitive (“I wonder if anybody would react to some body such …