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You are told by us exactly about arrogant son of a bitch

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‘Give or Take’ – Best buddy! Harry Series

Pairing: Harry Styles & (Y/N) (Y/L/N)

Warnings: Swearing and Smut

Component 1: demand part 2 and a few ideas. Xx

A set about H and Y/N, a closest friend with advantages can not be good. This will depend how you are taking it. Xx

“You know, that’ll look good on you. ” a voice broke her away from her aware. She put the top right right back in the rack.

“Excuse me personally? ” she stumbled the language away, switching around and seeing an agreeable stranger’s look. The language she said, weren’t hurtful though.

“I said, xrunetki3 that that shirt would look very nice for you. ” she locked eyes using the complete stranger, a color of green. She nodded, experiencing awkward in this case.

“I’m sure everything you stated, i recently, no body claims that. ” …