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Sustaining corruption requires anyone to lie, & most Colombians are incessant liars.

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Almost all Colombians will let you know their politicians are corrupt. Exactly What Colombians won’t acknowledge is it’s all the people who support and abide by this system of corruption that it’s not just the politicians and bureaucracies that are corrupt. It is not only the rich; it is almost everyone. Those who do not participate would be at a disadvantage, therefore this influences almost everyone to participate in corruption and learn a value system different than ours in a corrupt society. Nepotism and cronyism is additionally big section of Colombia. Without connections, most Colombians can’t advance. Colombians will frequently suggest buddies or loved ones for solutions, but be cautious because such guidelines are seldom on the basis of the quality of these service. Because the societal and ethical price because of this long-standing, pervasive corruption just isn’t taught to …